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Governance & Risk Management

We assist clients to address governance issues and business risks that impact the organisation, its performance and financial results; which includes risks relating to business processes, technology, regulatory compliance, treasury and trading activities and many more.

Our capabilities also include assessing risks on a qualitative or quantitative perspective.

Our Governance & Risk Management advisory services assist our clients in the end-to-end process of identifying, developing, implementing and reviewing a properly functioning governance and risk management framework within the organisation.

Our risk management services cover multiple facets of risks, namely qualitative risks, as well as developing quantitative models for assessment and measurement of key financial risks, such as market and credit liquidity risks.

Our Governance & Risk Management practice provides the following services:

Credit Risk Management Framework

Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Market Risk Management Framework

Integrated Risk Management Framework

Corporate Governance & Internal Control Review

Risk Performance Qualification & Measurement

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