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Public Policy


Socio-Economic Study on and Development of a Blueprint

Undertook a comprehensive socio-economic study on transforming the Bumiputera race for the planning department of the Government of Malaysia.

Facilitation of a National Blue Ocean Strategy Session

Facilitated a Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) session for the Government of Malaysia in collaboration with the renowned BOS author Professor W. Chan Kim.

Establishment of the National Price Council

Advised the Malaysian Government in establishing the National Price Council (NPC) to address inflationary issues faced by the public.

Privatisation Study and Proposal Evaluation

Evaluated several proposals on behalf of the Government on privatising public emergency healthcare services.

Industry Study

Performed a study of the relationship between the steel industry and the domestic construction industry for the government agency responsible for promoting the development of the construction industry.

Review of Government Programmes

Performed a review of the Commercial Development Programme of a defence procurement exercise of the Malaysian Government.

Industry Study and Formulation of Master Plan

Performed a study and formulated a master plan for Malaysia’s distributive trade industry for the Government of Malaysia.

Implementation and Impact Assessment

Evaluated the implementation and impact of an advanced intrusion detection system adopted across all public agencies for the Government of Malaysia.

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