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Corporate Strategy & Management


Diagnostic Review of a Large Public Listed Property Development Company

Conducted a diagnostic review of the policies, processes, structure, human resources and technology for a large public listed property development company.

Diagnostic Review of a Public Listed Shipbuilding Company

Reviewed the turnaround plan, marketing strategy, operating strategy and manpower planning for a public listed shipbuilding company.

Diagnostic Review for a Major Oil & Gas Multinational

Performed a review of the human resource policies and procedures of an upstream business of a major oil & gas multinational.

Change Management Exercise for a Multinational Oil & Gas Company

Conducted a strategic change management exercise for introducing e-learning at a multinational oil & gas corporation.

Formulation of Private Equity Assets

Formulated guidelines for the classification and valuation of the private equity assets of a local Islamic financial institution.

Risk Management Organisational Structure Design

Designed the risk management organisational structure for Malaysia's central provident fund.

Market Research Study

Performed a market research study for a public listed cement manufacturer and distributor.

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