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Financial Management & Assurance


Investment and Financial Advisory
for Listing

Provided advisory services for the listing of a local gold mining company on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) Bourse in the United Kingdom.

Financial Feasibility Study of a Cryogenics Processor

Conducted a financial feasibility study of Asia's principal cryogenics processor on behalf of an institutional investor.

Development of a Charging Mechanism and Financial Modelling

Developed a charging mechanism to the Government and financial model on the extension of Hospital Support Services concession agreement with the Government of Malaysia.

Financial Due Diligence Review

Conducted a Financial Due Diligence Review for the proposed acquisition of a medical centre.

Formulation of Business Plan

Formulated a business plan for the establishment of a world class aviation centre to serve the Asian Pacific and Middle East markets for a public listed company.

Valuation Advisory

Provided advisory services for the indicative valuation on a public listed genomics services provider.

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